Exuma Island – Bahamas

After a crazy year in a pandemic, my family was looking to get away and enjoy the fresh air without masking. We’d been to Exuma 14 years ago and really wanted to go back so Exuma was our pick this year since we were not quite comfortable traveling too far away. The 10 days we spent there were perfect! While I continued to get constant rain and storm alerts for Miami, we did not get any rain while there until the last 2 days. By then we were fine with a little rain. The water in Exuma is the best anywhere in the Bahamas. We’ve been to several islands in the Bahamas but have not found one yet that compares to the water in Exuma. We rented an amazing house steps from the ocean and had a private beach (only because no one else was anywhere close to us). We boated, beached, ate and drank a lot! It was truly glorious! I hope you will see from my photos how much I enjoyed all the sunrises on my private beach and the beautiful scenery everywhere there.

My backyard

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