Month: December 2016

Nature, Places

Colourful Sunrises

I have a love/hate relationship with sunrise photography.  I hate getting up so early but I’m rarely disappointed that I did.  I’m excited before I even leave my house.  I always get to my location way before the sun is to come up so I can set up my gear. […]

Nature, Places


Kansas – not a flyover state for me. It’s a state I’ve been flying to periodically for the last 8 years or so.  My mom and sisters all moved to a city just outside Wichita so I go regularly to visit them.  It’s very flat, farming countryside but depending on […]


The Beautiful World of Flowers

Flowers – oh my. I’ve always loved the beauty in all the various kinds of flowers out there.  But once I got my macro lens – wow!  They came alive!  The angles and tiny intricacies found deep inside their blooms are amazing to see so magnified.  Throughout my travels, I’m […]

Animals, Birds, Nature


I’ve never considered myself a big birdwatcher.  Then one day hummingbirds came to visit and I was hooked.  They’re super difficult to photograph and I’ve spent many hours trying to get that great capture of a hummingbird in flight.  Owls seem to be more rare here but occasionally, when I […]