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Exuma Island – Bahamas

After a crazy year in a pandemic, my family was looking to get away and enjoy the fresh air without masking. We’d been to Exuma 14 years ago and really wanted to go back so Exuma was our pick this year since we were not quite comfortable traveling too far […]

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Grand Teton National Park

My most recent trip was to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Jackson Hole sits at the base of Grand Teton National Park. This small town has some of the most spectacular mountain scenery. This trip was taken in September of 2020 during the Covid-19 Pandemic when I was really craving some fresh […]

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Bryce Canyon

So I decided to take an overdue visit to my oldest son who lives in Park City, Utah. Together we felt it was absolutely necessary that we make a quick 2 day trip to Bryce Canyon which is just a short 4 hour drive south. So so happy we did […]

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Banff, Canada

My most recent trip with the family was to Banff in Alberta, Canada.  I have to say from the first day to the last, I was in complete awe of this incredible place.  The landscape here was just stunning and there was so much wildlife everywhere as well.  We were […]


Park City – My Favorite

Just returned from a wonderful Christmas family vacation here in Park City. Unfortunately, this visit I had a minor injury and could not ski at all,  so I spent all day every day looking for new and amazing places to photograph.  Such an easy task in this beautiful city. Here […]

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Colourful Sunrises

I have a love/hate relationship with sunrise photography.  I hate getting up so early but I’m rarely disappointed that I did.  I’m excited before I even leave my house.  I always get to my location way before the sun is to come up so I can set up my gear. […]

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Kansas – not a flyover state for me. It’s a state I’ve been flying to periodically for the last 8 years or so.  My mom and sisters all moved to a city just outside Wichita so I go regularly to visit them.  It’s very flat, farming countryside but depending on […]


The Beautiful World of Flowers

Flowers – oh my. I’ve always loved the beauty in all the various kinds of flowers out there.  But once I got my macro lens – wow!  They came alive!  The angles and tiny intricacies found deep inside their blooms are amazing to see so magnified.  Throughout my travels, I’m […]

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I’ve never considered myself a big birdwatcher.  Then one day hummingbirds came to visit and I was hooked.  They’re super difficult to photograph and I’ve spent many hours trying to get that great capture of a hummingbird in flight.  Owls seem to be more rare here but occasionally, when I […]